Welcome to our farm in Eckert, Colorado!!

We have been involved with the breeding, training, showing and sales of Rocky Mountain
Horses since 2001.  Our central herd is mostly the chocolate body color with a lighter mane
and tail.  The horses are also registered with KMSHA, and AGMA (an offshoot of the
United Mountain Horse showing association).  We've created a herd of horses with great
genetics, as we've really worked to match our mares with many top stallions in the breed.  

I do all of the handling and training of horses at our farm (Bob rides only occasionally), and
have had to learn about gaited horses from the ground up!!  We've had Rockies since 2001,
and have come a long way with them. I've only had a handful of lessons from gaited horse
trainers in this time, which helped me in my refinement.  Our horses are really shining these
days!!  I really enjoy showing as it helps me prove what I've done with the horses, but I also
love trail riding, and doing things liked judged trail trials (trail rides with judged obstacles
on the course).  These horses are FUN and they're also very dependable.  Even the younger
horses seem to have a maturity beyond their physical years.  They are a must if you're
looking for a gentle horse with a smooth ride!!
Bob & Jennifer
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Jennifer's Mountain Horse Farm
Eckert, Colorado
Bob & Jennifer Nichols
Riding the BLM's
Escalante Canyon
outside of Delta
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Rocky Mountain Horse Breed Characteristics
These horses must have a smooth (even 4-beat) gait, conformation based on breed standards, and a gentle
.  This breed is of a medium build, with sturdy bone structure, large chest, and sloping shoulder and hip
(for extension in gait).  Horses range in height from 14.2 to 16 hands (though mares, certified before their 3rd birthday,
are acceptable at 14 hands).  A "
Certified to Breed" mountain horse will have a gold seal on their registration document,
which means that they can participate in breed shows, and their offspring can be registered in the association. The gait
these horses possess is a very smooth, ambling four-beat gait (lateral), sometimes called a "singlefoot" or rack (with less
animation).  The gait is natural in the horses, however it can be influenced by conformation and a rider's ability in the
saddle, so taking lessons with the folks you buy a horse from is very important, so you know how to get the best ride out
of your horse.  
The mountain horses make wonderful family additions, and are great on the trail.  Once you ride one, you'll be
hooked!!   We've found that these horses have very quick minds, and are quite easy to train.  They really are a "people
oriented"  horse, that can be your best friend!
Jezabel & Shelbi,
Jen & Penny getting a
meal at the drive-thru
window at McDonald's,
June 2013
Bob & I hit the road with
Snickerdoodles and Jenna's Bonny
Belle in September 2011 to show
at the International Rocky
Mountain Horse show.  We did a
great job, and even took home a
blue ribbon!
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Fannie & Shelbi
Mesa Top Trail
Chocolate Elixir ("Felix") with Jennifer
at the lookout over Escalante Canyon,
November 2013
Jennifer & Snickerdoodles
9+ Yrs AOT Show Pleasure
Photo by Castle Photography
2011 RMHA
International Show
Kentucky Horse
Park, Lexington, KY
This area is referred to at the "Gateway to the
Grand Mesa", and it's definately a beautiful
place to live.  Visitors are always welcome to
see our horses, and take a test ride on the trail
as well!   We have access to the trails on the
Grand Mesa and the "Adobes" in the Delta
area.  We also have great riding at "Escalante
Canyon" (between Grand Junction and Delta)
and "Pleasure Park" near Hotchkiss.  These
trails range from mountain areas to more hilly
and desert areas.  It's all great training for our
Jennifer & Felix, Shelbi & Fannie
Mesa Top Trail, Grand Mesa, June 2010
2014 Gaited Horse Events:
Mile High Autumn Classic - All Breed Gaited
Horse Show (click to go to information page)
Adams County Fairgrounds, CO
September 19-21.  See you there!!
Jen & Nikki at the Glade Park
ACTHA Ride:  1st Place Open!!
July 2013
Jennifer & Fannie and
Allison & Felix
September 2013 Show
MH Champion & Reserve
Photo by Bob Leichliter
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"Horses for
Jennifer & Penny
Kate Moran Clinic
June 1-2, 2013
Jennifer &
Kate Moran
A tired
Shelbi & Felix
June 2014